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IT’S IN THE NUMBERS! – Together we are building peace on a foundation of health!


Through 2015, Solace for the Children was able to bring 18 children to the US for major medical treatment.  These children often have no other options for treatment.  We were able to provide through our medical partners open heart surgery, bone reconstruction, urological surgery and so much more.  This first experience in the US opens the door for building relationships and trust with the child, the families that send them and even the home communities from which they travel.  Your support made this possible.



Education is the next step for Solace children.  Our efforts begin with speaking with the parents of each child to learn about their educational goals for their family; then we go to work together with the parents to reach these goals.  Sometimes we need to provide supplies, transportation or tuition. In one instance, Solace provided tents to local schools so children could study out of the sun. Others have no local opportunities to be educated. With the help of Solace Sponsors, up to 20 children each year can be invited to join the Peace House Academy in Kabul.  Here they live and study within a family style environment.  The PHA provides a college preparatory level of study, one of the few in Afghanistan.   As parents watch their children grow and learn, the relationship and trust deepens.  Bonds are forged with lifelong impact.



This number may be one of the most significant!  As Solace volunteers demonstrate love, build relationships and deepen trust, a wonderful thing happens.  Families who were once closed become open to the world around them.  Americans realize how much they have to offer and how the offering can bring such blessings.  Afghans realize that the little they may have can be shared.  In 2015, under the leadership of the students and volunteer of the Peace House Academy, 14,000 sets of warm winter clothing was gathered, sorted and distributed to street children, refugees, and destitute families within 5 providence in Afghanistan.  This was a major accomplishment, saving children from frostbite and even death.  It was also Afghans helping Afghans inspired by the love of Americans!




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