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2017 Summer Medical Program Kick Off unnamed

Today is International Day of Peace, a time for the world to “strengthen the ideals of peace among people and nations.” We want to thank you for being a peace maker as a supporter of Solace for the Children. Our mission is “building peace on a foundation of health.” For 10 years our organization has successfully built that foundation. We don’t want to stop now.

The Summer Medical Program is Solace for the Children’s flagship program. In 2017 we will bring children from war-torn areas to the US to receive life-changing medical care for the 11th consecutive year. This program, along with it’s volunteers, has helped more than 250 children by providing medical care unavailable to them in their own country.

The Summer Medical Program provides solace for children who are often in pain, injured or suffering. Youth ages 7—12 are selected to receive medical attention they so desperately need, yet cannot acquire. Volunteers open their homes and provide for them while they are given an opportunity t
o heal. Medical professionals donate their time and resources to ensure these children are given a better quality of life.  For six weeks each summer, these patients are allowed respite from the affects of war.

Once they have completed treatment, our patient alumni return to their families with hope for a brighter future. Their experience increases the likeliness that they will provide the same acceptance to others, generating a ripple effect of goodwill.

unnamed-1Because of the success and volunteer involvement with our Summer Medical Program, our organization has grown. We now have offices and staff abroad that oversee the case selection process and manage international affairs for Solace. We offer financial aid to patient alumni attaining higher education. And in 2013 we opened the Peace House Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan that supports school-aged children in pursuit of educational opportunities regardless of gender.

In order for our Summer Medical Program to continue in 2017, we must raise $165,000. It is a goal that we can reach with your help. Please give today so that we may continue to provide solace for the children who are innocent victims of war.

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