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Become a Volunteer  for Solace for The Children

Solace depends on an army of volunteers who donate resources of time, energy, personal skills, financial gifts and medical expertise. Beginning in 1996 as a local organization, Solace is now expanding to locations in 7 states. More than 2,000 active volunteers serve the needs of Afghan children through Solace Programs in 2015.

Becoming A Volunteer: What You Need To Know:

Solace for the Children Volunteers can offer much-needed support to our program and host families by:

  • Providing financial assistance with travel, visas, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses, and/or sponsoring a child’s education
  • Donating winter clothing (in excellent condition), new underwear, and large, well-used suitcases with wheels
  • Supplying welcome bags of toiletries, photo albums and other gifts
  • Collecting items for humanitarian aid, such as over-the-counter medical supplies, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Organizing recreational outings
  • Soliciting donations of tickets, coupons, etc. from local businesses
  • Helping with thank you notes to donors


Individuals interested in a higher level of involvement are encouraged to consider hosting a child or starting a branch of Solace For The Children in their town.

Currently Available Volunteer Applications

2016 Volunteer Application US

2016 Volunteer Application Afghanistan