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How Can I help?

Here are list of opportunities for you to make a change:

Become a Volunteer

  • Solace depends on an army of volunteers who donate resources of time, energy, personal skills, financial gifts and medical expertise. Beginning in 1996 as a local organization, Solace is now expanding to locations in 7 states. More than 2,000 active volunteers serve the needs of Afghan children through Solace Programs in 2016.

Host A Child

What is the best possible environment for a child to grow and develop? We all know that within a loving family supported by a caring community is best. A child can overcome almost anything if these two essential ingredients are present. It’s the same with the visiting Solace children. Children arrive with medical conditions ranging from slight to extremely serious in our medical programs: Summer Program and Extended Program. This makes it critical to have community surrounding a child and their host family who understands the special circumstances.

Open A Branch

  • This means that the best situation for Solace children is to be a part of an established Solace Branch. So what does it take to establish a Solace Branch? In a nutshell, this requires a group of 5 strong volunteer leaders willing to put time into fundraising, making strong contacts within the medical and business communities, …

Provide Medical Services

Donate Now

  • Solace for the Children is a non-profit, tax exempt organization – 501(c)3, supported by contributions. There are many ways to support the work of Solace with a tax deductible donation. We invite you to choose from the choices below.