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Impact of Solace for the Children

Solace bridges a gap between painful helplessness and wellbeing; saving lives, educating, and building strong leaders through U.S. communities willing to accept groups of children or individual children for treatment and team building activities. Children return home after as little as six weeks, or as long as a year, healthier and inspired by the warm welcome of volunteers. Trust develops and on this trust Solace is able to build a long-term relationship that can include educational support, and opportunities to develop leadership skills; all with the goal of building more peaceful environments for all children.

While Solace for the Children applauds the medical, educational, and leadership development efforts within the country of Afghanistan, many children will die, grow up uneducated and loose the opportunity to be part of a peaceful solution to the problems in Afghanistan during the period of time it takes to build the medical and educational infrastructure.Solace is able to provide high level care through the generosity of medical professionals, business and community leaders who join efforts with Solace as we build peace on a foundation of health.

Since 2007 we have brought 209 children to the US for life-changing medical care.

Since opening Peace House Academy in 2013, we have secured education for 34 students without regard to gender, ethnicity or social status.

We have helped more than 20,000 citizens of war-torn areas through volunteer-led humanitarian efforts.