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Shamsullah is a child of war.

He was born in Nuristan Province in a remote village in northeastern Afghanistan with a severe birth defect that left his body open to infection. Shamsullah was not expected to survive. His elderly grandparents watched over him and somehow the baby grew to a child.

By the time Shamsullah was 10, his father died leaving his mother and three other siblings alone. The family’s only livelihood comes from farming, difficult for a single mother. As he grew, his weakened condition left him unable to help his mother. Due to his medical condition he never went to school. Though he was a small boy he began to help in other ways – making jewelry, sewing, anything he could physically do to help the family. His mother turned to taking in washing to make a living for her family. An international nurse came to know Shamsullah’s story and recommended him to Solace for the Children. When he arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, his surgeons were amazed he was alive.

While waiting for the next phase of treatment, Shamsullah returned to Afghanistan and resided at Solace’s Peace House Academy. He started with several volunteer tutors at the Academy and learned the very basics of reading, writing in Dari and arithmetic. This special help from Solace volunteers in Kabul allowed him to enroll at the second grade level in one of our partner schools. Shamsullah continues building his education and academic skills at the Peace House Academy. An eager student, Shamsullah has satisfactorily completed a computer course on Microsoft Windows and Word processing and in addition to Nuristani, he has learned two new languages – Dari and English!

Today, Shamsullah is back in the US where the final phase of his treatment will soon be completed. He will return to Afghanistan to continue and complete his education enabling him to help his entire family in ways they could never have imagined.

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